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Part of my work for Houghton-Mifflin, involved the design and creation of a prototype social network, before the term social network existed, for teachers, parents, and students. I created a few design prototypes, which didn't get very far before the poject was canceled. Back in 1999, this was a rather revolutionary concept, and like many revolutions, it was met with fear, doubt, and loathing.

The Acadamey The concept behind this design was Plato's Academy, which after Athens decided it had had enough with philosophers, met outside the city in a grove of twelve olive trees. The trees in the site were actually all dervived from the image of one tree, which was twisted and pulled to create four very different trees. A layered, construction paper cut-out style was created to evoke feelings of kintergartern.

the teacher's desk This next design was just me, noodling around with another metaphor, the teacher's desk. This was done in Photoshop 5.5. There is no 3D rendering in this image. Except for the Riverside logo and the pencils, this was done entirely from scratch, though the pencils were originally a 2D image. Through texturing and shadows, I was able to create a photorealisitc, 3D appearance.

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